Artemis Bohemia offers hunting trips around the world. We are two young entrepreneurs with a passion for hunting. By travelling around the world in order to find exciting hunting opportunities we build strong relationships with numbers of outfitters. Our basis is Czech Republic where we have around 7.000 Ha of hunting grounds where we can offer almost all European big game and small game.

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Czech Republic became a mecca for hunters after the fall of communism. Modest prices, rich hunting traditions and friendly people have made Czech Republic a popular destination for many hunters. Hunting has always been strong in Czech Republic and dates back in writing to the heyday of Charles IV. The beautiful countryside, century old forests and mountains create a super biodiversity with a huge amount of different species.



In Czech Republic we can offer almost all European hooved game. Around the door we have strong populations of roe, red, and fallow deer next to wild boar and mouflon. We are based in the Western part of Bohemia which is well known for the strong population of free range sika deer. In all our hunting grounds sika deer can be found. In two areas the main deer is sika with very impressive ruts and high quality stags.




Artemis Bohemia Hunting Adventures was developed by the two young entrepreneurs Robert W.L. van Es and Folkert W. van Hoogevest who both share the love and passion for hunting and nature preservation in Europe. Based in the Czech Republic in the beautiful part of West Bohemia, is where we have some of our hunting grounds. Through out the years we were able to develop several hunting areas around us with a large variety of species and different types of landscapes. As we are passioned hunters ourselves and travelling the world we created a huge network and are able to offer you great opportunities.



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