Law on Package Tours

All travel arrangements are subject to “the Law on package tours”, which has as one of its aims, to give wider consumer protection. Travel agents must be able to document that when a travel arrangement has been booked and before the deposit has been paid by the customer, that they have drawn attention to all possible aspects of the travel arrangement, including costs, conditions regarding changes etc. In accordance with this, the Bureau refers to the Bureau’s brochure, price lists, invoices, vouchers, travel documents, practical information, insurance documents and separate product-liability insurance.


Most of the Bureau’s partners require a deposit on booking; therefore it will not be possible to obtain a deposit refund on cancellation. If the trip is cancelled less than 45 days before departure the total amount is lost. This is not the case if war, natural disaster or a similar situation occurs in the country of destination less than 14 days prior to departure. In such a situation, the total amount will be refunded. We advise you to take out cancellation insurance to cover you against cancellation due to sickness or such like. Please read the section about insurance.

Interrupted Trips

If, for any reason, the client wants to interrupt their trip, there will be no refund for missed days or arrangements. Such a package which includes transport of trophies and/or taxidermy, it will always be clearly indicated on both your booking confirmation and your invoice. In all other cases the transport of trophies and taxidermy is totally your responsibility and is carried out totally at your own risk.

Taxidermist’s responsibility

As soon as a trophy is handed over to an external transport company or taxidermist, our responsibilities as a travel agency cease. The responsibility for the trophies now lies with the transport company or taxidermist, and you use them at your own risk. If a problem arises with the transport company or the taxidermist – such as a mix-up of horns or skins, a mistake in the tanning process, mounting errors, loss, damage in transit etc. – you are responsible for solving the problem directly with the transport company or taxidermist yourself, and not through Artemis Bohemia Hunting Adventures which is a brand name from MCH HUNTING ADVENTURE s.r.o..


Payment Details


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Account No.

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Account no.

Swift code: CSOB

Iban: CZ

Booking and Payment

On booking a trip, 50% of the total price must be paid within 10 days – if other arrangements have not been made. The booking is binding for both the travel agent and customer. The remainder is due 45 days prior to departure. If these conditions are not met, the Bureau retains the right to cancel the hunt and keep the deposit. If it is necessary to send out a reminder the client will be charged a fee of Euro 25. Interest at a rate of 1,5% per month will also be charged to the client on any unpaid dues.

General Information

The client must always remember to read the general information concerning their destination, because it contains very important information relating to their specific hunting area.

Transfer of Journey

If the customer wishes to transfer a package already booked to another person, it is possible, if there are still spaces free. However it is necessary that the Bureau is informed at least 30 days before departure, so all the necessary changes can be made. Both parties are now responsible for any remaining balance or extra charges associated with the transfer.


Prices in this brochure are given in Euro if not otherwise stated.


If something unforeseen or a problem occurs during your tour, the Bureau must be contacted immediately, if the client and the Bureau partner cannot solve the problem themselves. If this is not done, the client will have no right to make any claim after his/her return. Most problems, big or small, can be solved with a single phone call.


In the case of tours where you reach your destination in your own car or a hire car, you can generally assume that this car will be used during the hunt, if the need arises. The use of your own car or a hire car in the hunting district is your own responsibility. If you use the hunting districts vehicles, you should be prepared to pay extra for transport. The only exceptions are the tours, which clearly state that transport during the hunt is included in the price.

Change of Arrangement Before or After Beginning of the Hunt

If the Bureau has to change or cancel a hunt, the client will be notified as soon as possible. Should this occur, the client has to inform the Bureau in reasonable time if intending to make a claim for compensation. If this is not done, the right to advance a claim is dropped. The client has no right to advance any claim if a possible change or cancellation has been drawn to their attention when the hunt was booked, or if the changes are caused by an unauthorized third person and the Bureau could not have foreseen or prevented it. If the client wants to make a change before the beginning of the hunt, there is a fee of Euro 75. Not all hunts can be changed. If a hunt is shortened, there will normally be no refund.


The customer’s personal data will be kept strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to other parties.