Roe Deer Hunting

The roe deer (Capreolus Capreolus) is the smallest deer species found in Czech republic. The Czech Republic has one of the biggest density of Roe deers in Europe, the vast countryside with a mix of agriculture fields, forest and wetlands create the best habitat for Roe deers.

Roe Buck stalking offers some of the most exhilarating and exciting deer stalking in the world and can be at its very best in our Czech hunting grounds where we achieve to shoot numerous good heads each year with some reaching medal class.

We offer Roebuck hunting from the 16th of May until the 30th of September, Roebuck rut is in the end of July beginning of August.

Prices  2018-2019

Standard accomodation: € 650/pp
Luxurious accommodation at Marsovy Chody Estate: € 965/pp

5 days hunting, 4 nights
Organization 3 hunting days including 6 outings with 1:1 hunting support
Czech hunting license and insurance
Pre-preparation of the trophies, interpreter, hunting protocol and measurement of the trophies
Full board at Marsovy Chody Estate  or one of our Hunting lodges

Not included:
Supplement single room (per person / per night) € 50.00
Non-accompanying person (full board / per day stay) € 150.00
Possible extra hunting day (stay full board / per day)€ 200.00
Possible evening routines on the day of arrival (to be booked) 85.00 €
All alcoholic drinks at the hotel are excluded

Wild Boars can also be shot during the the hunting trip(prices on request) Trophy prices are settled according to hunting ground, weight and number stretched pieces at the end of the journey!

The fixed price for each Roebuck regardless of the trophy strength - in the above mentioned state run, amounts to € 350.00

The average trophy weight is between 200 and 320 grams (net weight). Every hunting season, stronger roe deer are also stretched.

The discount price for roe deer in this top hunting ground is:
up to 350 grams: € 350.00
from 351 to 450 grams: € 550.00
more than 450 grams: € 790.00
The average trophy quality of roe deer is between 250 and 450 grams
(net weight). Every year, roe deer are also stretched between 450 and 600 gram!


We have several hunting areas, according to where you will be hunting we can offer you the accomodation. Besides a standard stay in one of our hunting lodges we can offer you a luxury stay at Marsovy Chody Estate. The main house of the Estate is build in 1846 and contains of comfortable rooms with each their own bathroom, several living rooms, a huge garden with swimming pool and a two hole Golf Course, all situated in the middle of the hunting grounds. Marsovy Chody Estate offers you all luxury and comfort during your stay.

How to reach our Hunting grounds?

We are situated in the west of Bohemia just 20 km over the border with Bavaria one hour away from Nurnberg. Airports are Prague approximately 1 hour and 15 min away and Nurnberg airport around the same distance.
From The Netherlands and Belgium it is approximately a 7 hour drive. When travelling by plane you can easily rent a car at the airport.